The Second Step Players: Creating Stigma-Busting Comedy since 1985!

The Second Step Players theater troupe creates and performs educational sketch comedy about mental health issues for the purpose of educating the public and reducing stigma. The Players have been ambassadors in community education and advocacy since 1985.

The Second Step Players Touring Theater Troupe performs nationally to spread the word that Recovery Happens and Creativity Heals.  The skits, musical parodies, and stand up comedy illuminate the experience of living with a mental illness. Their material is written, produced, directed, and acted by individuals with mental illnesses.  The Players’ 25-year body of work also includes plays by talented community writers like Ronna Sue Keil, SJ Williams, Kato McNickle, Becca Atkins, Anna Mara Trusky and Frederick Vaughn.

Spreading their positive messages of hope and recovery both locally and nationally enables The Second Step Players to have a powerful impact.  After each public performance, the Players engage in a lively Q & A with the audience, openly sharing what it is like to live in America when you have a mental illness. The Players also share their story of how engaging in the creative arts has helped rebuild their lives.

Now touring locally and nationally, to spread the word that Recovery Happens, and Creativity Heals!

The Second Step Players are approved for the New England States Touring Program. If you would like to hire us to perform, click here to find more information.

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