Stigma Busting and Community Integration

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Community Outreach Second Step Players Theatre Troupe

Second Step Players perform 20 – 30 local and national educational, stigma-busting comedy/music shows annually, for audiences of mental health providers, physicians, graduate students in Psychology programs, the general public, family members, the police and other “first responders,” high schools, colleges, etc.

A favorite annual event is our twice yearly show for Nursing Students from Three Rivers Community College right before their Psych rotation. The nurses have reported that the Second Step Players shows have radically altered their perceptions (in a positive way!) about working with people who have psychiatric disorders.

TRUTH: After our touring shows, the actors, who have themselves been diagnosed with psychiatric disorders, answer questions to reduce stigma, encourage seeking help and explain how it works, and blur the line between “them” and “us.”

Thrill the World 2013, Second Step Players Theatre Troupe

Thrill the World 2013

Artreach believes in giving back to the communities that support us. The benefits of volunteering impact community and program members alike. Volunteering provides another opportunity for our members to attain sustainable self-esteem through giving, and also helps reduce stigma in the community.

Some examples of Artreach members’ participation in the community:

  • Relay for Life
  • NAMI Walks
  • Thrill the World Norwich, CT (local host of GLOBAL EVENT!)
  • Spirit of Broadway Theater:  Ushering for productions
  • Intentional Theater: Backstage and Stage Management
  • Stage Door Productions:  Backstage and stage management, House Crew and Acting
  • Chelsea Players:  Acting and Backstage Crew